Well what a week it has been for my first week back. We had a great turnout for our Fall GROW Kickoff with over a 100 people and several new families. Not even the rain could dampen everything including all¬†the fun, food, and inflatables, and we have a crew at Beersheba Springs Assembly this weekend enjoying a retreat time. And Susan is in her happy place at the Kentucky State Fair. Right before our local world gets crazy on Monday ūüôā¬†Make sure you scroll down and see all the details on the¬†Total Eclipse Tailgate on Monday¬†( we have a limited number of¬†approved glasses¬†for those attending¬†for a donation to cover cost…¬†you can reserve yours by contacting¬†Tiffany Smith¬†who is heading this event).
Tomorrow we continue the second part of SERVE Summer and Discovering How to Love Where we Live. We started by considering that to become a world changer the first thing that needs to change is us.¬†Now this week we consider something that maybe is hard for you. That you and I are God’s heroes. Many of us like to watch hero movies, they are the most popular at the box office nowadays and many of us grew up reading comic books about heroes. But those aren’t the only kind of heroes that are out there.
P.S. Upcoming Events…see more details on our website or facebook page or the bulletin on Sunday
>¬†Monday Aug 21¬†11am-3 pmTotal Eclipse Tailgate –¬†Don’t get left in dark!¬†
We will have a¬†limited supply of commemorative glasses NASA approved from American Paper Optics¬†( for those attending)¬†, Booths including food and drinks, Cookie Decorating Station,¬†Connect Four Board, Coin Drop for Charity, Candy bag & Thank you card for local emergency responders, Kids Stations including: Wooden rocket ship, moon sand with ‚Äúmoon rocks‚ÄĚ, NASA¬†‚ÄúControl¬†center‚ÄĚ, Astronaut Training Mazes, Youth Yard Games, and more!
>¬†G.R.O.W.¬†(Growing Relationships on Wednesday)¬†Starts THIS WEDNESDAY¬†including…
Join us upstairs in the Kids Worship Room (CLC #210) as we celebrate our new theme and go on a treasure hunt around the church!  Wear your best explorer gear.
>> Wednesday Night Dinner returns this week! 
Our Place Café will be catering our meals again this year!  See the reservation system in the bulletin or reserve online.
>Sat Aug 26  Feed the Need Back to School Edition 
8 am Registration  9 am Food Distribution (Bring your books and Bibles, any school supplies you have)
> Sun Aug 27 Davenport Baby Boy Shower
(immediately following¬†2nd¬†service in the Fellowship Hall) A-J: bring sandwich meat/bread¬†K-P: bring fruit, salads, or sides¬†Q-Z: bring desserts. The Davenports are registered at Baby’s R’ Us and Target