Children’s Ministry

“Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Children play an integral part in all aspects of our worship and activities here at Good Shepherd. We rejoice in knowing that God loves them unconditionally and we pray that they will feel that agape love here. We offer many activities for children and their families to get connected and become part of our family. Some of these activities include: Easter Egg Hunt, Skate Party, Church-wide Picnic, Vacation Bible School, Christmas Party, Trunk or Treat, Kids Night Out and so much more!

Weekly Program:

C.O.W. | Church on Wednesdays- PreK to 4th grade (6:30-8) and HighWAY 56 (6:30-8)

Kidz Worship- PreK to 6th grade:  First Sunday we stay in the main service for communion.  2nd-4th Sundays (5th) we are upstairs in the CLC for Kidz Worship

Waters Edge Sunday School 10-10:55 Sunday Mornings


Church on WednesdayPreschoolers are learning and absorbing their world at an amazing rate. During this incredible time of discovery, Good Shepherd, working with parents and qualified volunteers, seeks to give preschoolers a place to learn about God and explore His love and character in a safe, secure environment.

It is our desire that each child has a solid grasp of biblical truths before they leave the Preschool Ministry. Alongside biblical lessons, the kids will be engaged in many creative activities to help master these concepts. Each week we will provide information that will enable parents to converse with their child about the lesson at home. We feel that we have developed a preschool program that will provide a firm, biblical foundation for each child.


kidz worship

It is our greatest desire at Good Shepherd to empower parents and team members to help kids live out the way of Jesus. We reach this goal through authentic relationships and excellent programming for kids, team members and parents.

We seek to create an environment where kids will experience a sense of belonging to the family and Kingdom of God, an identity in Christ as God’s treasured possession, and a call to mission, joining God in His restorative work on earth through love, hope and justice.

  • We want each child to experience biblical community, where his/her shepherd models an authentic relationship with Jesus.
  • We want each child to experience the power of prayer.
  • We value the importance of relevant Bible teaching.
  • We strive to teach the Bible creatively.
  • We encourage the children to engage in authentic worship.

For Safety Reasons:

Please sign your child in and out of the facility each time you leave him/her.  You child will be assigned a numbered badge that will release your child from our care.  Please present this badge to the workers at dismissal. Only parents or other approved adults may pick up children.  Preschoolers cannot be released to siblings, friends or visitors.

No one should be in the preschool classroom except for those scheduled to teach/volunteer for that particular Sunday.

Our team looks forward to serving your child in a Christ-Centered, loving environment. The policies and procedures are in place to ensure the best for your child while in our care.  We want them to feel safe while experiencing God’s love from the time they are dropped off until they are picked up.

Preschool Ministry Service Opportunities

There are plenty of great ways for you to make a foundational impact in the lives of Children through Good Shepherd. Give us a call at our church office, 615.822.4531 or email  All Preschool worker must be over the age of 15 and have completed a background check.