Greetings Good Shepherd Family!

Because I am not able to personally visit each of you, I am writing this letter to share the great news at
Good Shepherd! I hope and pray as your read this you will sense God’s leading as we seek to live into
the vision that God has given us.

I believe, as I hope you do, that the ministries and mission of our church are a blessing to our
congregation and our community. God’s grace is evident when you look at all the excited kids and youth
(one of them mine) upstairs on Wednesday Nights and the excitement of fall GROW Kickoff. When
almost 100 of our community gather together to serve for our FEED the NEEDs; this last time we had the
chance to serve 134 families, representing 500 people, not including all the agencies and groups we gave
food to as well. We have 84 children and their families and 20 plus staff who come every week day to
our Little Lambs Early Learning Center. And the outpouring of resources was amazing as over 120
people gathered to meet our vision of paying for and putting together 100 Cleaning Buckets for
Hurricane Relief, and there were more than enough left over to pack another 45. When we are generous
with our lives then God is generous with us.

Yet for years, as many of you know, we have been limited in what we could do by the debt of our
Christian Life Center. A portion of our monthly income must be used for the operating budget to pay on
the building loan. Starting this October, we are focusing on a solution to remove this debt and move
forward in faith to where God is leading.

We have chosen just one word to sum up this vision funding: IMAGINE. It is a word with so many
possibilities. We believe, that as we follow God, that God has already done this and will meet the
financial needs before us. Everyone in our community is being asked to prayerfully consider making a
sacrificial commitment, over and above your ongoing giving and tithes, to be given over the next 3 years.
With each of us doing our part we will raise the funds necessary to move forward into our future. As you
can see, IMAGINE is an important step in our future, and your involvement is crucial.

Please watch your mailbox for an invitation to one of our Vision Sunday Gatherings. The purpose of
these meetings is to share information with you, answer any questions you may have, and encourage
you to make this a priority in your personal time. After you have received your invitation, we will have
sign ups to confirm your attendance. Please know that your participation in a Vision Sunday Meeting is
very important and that no financial commitments will be taken at these gatherings.
There are exciting days ahead for Good Shepherd! Imagine what we can do with all the resources that
God has given us. I hope you will commit with me to seek and do God’s will.

Peace in Christ,
Pastor Jeremy