What is "GO" Ministry?

The term “evangelism” often sends people running for the hills. Usually when I ask someone I know to tell me what they believe evangelism is, I get responses like “standing on a sidewalk and preaching.”

This isn’t entirely wrong. Many people do use this style of evangelism. But…how affective is it? When you committed your life to Christ, was it because of a random person sharing the gospel?

Or was it because someone you knew, loved, and respected told you the good news? Go Ministry subscribes to the belief that the best way to follow our calling to the Great Commission is by building relationships and showing people the love of Christ through our actions, our behavior, our lives, and our words. It goes beyond just speaking the good news, but rather encourages us to make disciples of all nations by becoming disciples ourselves.

Join us in Go Ministry. Help us GO and make disciples by doing what Jesus first called us to do….loving one another.


Guest Services

We offer free coffee for our guests in our connect room, located down the hall to the right of the sanctuary entrance. Make sure you stop by and grab a cup!
If you stop by for a visit, please make sure to let us know by filling out our guest form. We would love to follow up and hear about your visit, and give you a free gift.

Love Cards

One of the unique ways we do GO Ministry is through the use of our love cards! Grab a few love cards off the Go table, located outside of the sanctuary, and use them throughout the week to show others the love of Christ. Pay it forward in the starbucks line, or simply hand it to someone and let them know you’re praying for them. Love cards are a great, easy way to spread the good news that everyone is loved by our God.

Contact Us

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our Go Ministry, or about our church in general. Please feel free to contact our Go Minister, Tiffany Smith, at any time if you would like any more information. Her e-mail is tsmith@thegsumc.org