Route 4 & HIGHWAY 56

When you look at children’s ministry you have this group of children we are trying to reach from infants to 5th grade but Highway 56 | Ministry for Tweenssometimes, especially with the older children, we have a tendency not to reach them like we should.  Likewise with 6thgraders it is sometimes a scary experience to be dropped into student ministry after being in kid’s ministry for ages.  One of the things we are looking to do is improve our ministries.  One of the big changes is a combination of children’s ministries and youth ministries to make sure we are growing up 4th and 5th graders and nurturing 6th graders.  So we began a new group known as Route 4 & Highway 56, a crossroad between children’s ministry and youth ministry. 


highway 56 roomFor Sunday morning worship the 4th through 6th  graders have the option of going to either Kidz Worship or to the main service in the church.  They also can participate in some children’s events and youth events. For example, they can participate in some social and small mission events in youth ministry and still have access to participate in children’s ministry events as well.The fourth through sixth graders are being immersed into an environment that nurtures and develops them into followers of Christ along the journey.  They have their own Sunday school and Wednesday night programs.  This group also has its own identity in mission and retreats. This allows the 4th and 5th graders to begin to separate themselves from “children’s ministry” and also slowly engages the 6th graders in the youth ministry.

The Sunday school curriculum within the Highway 56 class is “Submerge”. Submerge is a one-year Bible survey for students that will prepare them to make the transition to youth group. Submerge emphasizes nurturing faithful relationships while engaging students in fun and creative activities. Click here for our 2016-2017 scope and sequence.

reform-logoOur Wednesday Night curriculum is Orange Curriculum, where students engage in …..


Highway 56 is led by Kevin and Tammy Boehms, overseen by Children’s Minister,Cassie Davenport. 

If you have any questions about our Highway 56 program, please contact Mrs.Cassie at or        615-822-4531.