Our History

The Story of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church

In 1962 a group met at a home on Shepherd Hills Drive in Madison for the purpose of beginning a Methodist Church in the area now known as Rivergate. A membership was formed under the name of Shepherd Hills Methodist Church and continued to meet in the home until a worship facility could be built. The Koellein family (Marsha Morley’s family) sold the new church some property at the corner of Shepherd Hills Drive and Gallatin Road for $1.00. Groundbreaking for the church was on August 4, 1963, and members moved into their new building on March 22, 1964. Ten years after moving into the new building, the church debt was paid in full and members celebrated with a note burning ceremony on June 30, 1974.

Pastors who served at Shepherd Hills Methodist Church:
Ray Wiggins (first pastor), E.U. Robinson, David Comperry (Interim Pastor)

In 1968 the General Conference added United to the name of all Methodist Churches after the merger with the EUB denomination. The following pastors served Shepherd Hills United Methodist Church:

John Williams, Dennis Parks, Clark Flatt, Ken Whittaker, Neal Glass, Earl Goodwin, Russell Lindsey

In 1989 another group of people who were interested in beginning a church in the Shackle Island community of Hendersonville began meeting at Beech High School. Good Shepherd United Methodist Church was organized and continued to meet at the high school until May 1991, when the members of Good Shepherd and Shepherd Hills United Methodist Churches voted to merge under the name of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church. Membership of the merged congregations totaled 91.
The new body of Good Shepherd United Methodist Church met in the church building at the corner of Shepherd Hills Drive and Gallatin Road until 1994 when building and property were sold for $1.2 million. The church then began meeting at Knox Doss Middle School (now Merrol Hyde Magnet School) in Hendersonville and remained there until May 1996, when they celebrated the grand opening of their new church building at its current location, 525 New Shackle Island Road. Another celebration was held in September 2004 when the church celebrated the groundbreaking for a Christian Life Center, which was opened in August 2005.

To date the following pastors have served at Good Shepherd United Methodist Church:

Russell Lindsey    Allen Weller   Denman Frazer

Jeremy Squires (currently serving)